4 Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning your house using the wrong methods and techniques can severely damage certain parts of your property. To get the best possible results out of a power washer you need to avoid the common mistakes that most homeowners often fall prey to.

When looking for highly effective pressure cleaning services, don’t look beyond ABI CLEAN. We have a vast wealth of experience in providing hassle-free pressure cleaning services to both residential and commercial establishments in Cairns. It is wise to hire professionals like us when taking on pressure cleaning but if you want to do it as DIY (Do It Yourself) project, you need to keep in mind the common mistakes that you need to avoid.

In this blog, our fully trained and experienced pressure cleaning team has put together the most common pressure cleaning mistakes that homeowners need to avoid.

Not Allowing the Soap to Soak

When using soap with your pressure washer to get rid of stubborn stains, you need to allow the soap to soak in for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it. To get the best possible results, hire our pressure cleaning team who are experienced and uses the best techniques to complete the work on time and within your budget.

Using Wrong Attachments for the Job

It is very important to understand that the same setup cannot be used for pressure cleaning all the areas of your house or office. Each surface is different and you need to choose the right pressure and attachments to get the best possible results. At ABI CLEAN, our pressure cleaning team members are fully trained in the right methods and techniques and they know what will work best for a particular surface. When taking on a quick cleaning routine, use a turbo nozzle and a surface cleaner that rotates. These two attachments are really handy and worth the price.

Applying Too Much Pressure

You need to keep in mind that controlling the pressure level when pressure cleaning your house is where most homeowners go wrong. Most homeowners use too much of high pressure for removing stubborn stains but this is not the right method. If the water is over pressurised, it can cause several costly damages to your property. Applying too much pressure can damage your wood decking and also cut lines on the siding. When you are not sure about how much pressure to use, you need to call professionals like us. Avail ABI CLEAN’S highly effective pressure cleaning services in Cairns to get the best possible cleaning results.

Working without a Plan

The last big mistake that homeowners make is that they start working without a plan and end up doing the same thing twice or thrice. If you do not plan the workflow, you will inevitably end up in a stressful situation. You will end up piling up more work if you do not plan beforehand about what are you going to clean first, second, third and so on. You need to plan the workflow correctly and always clean the windows last, or else all the dirt and debris will end up on the siding and you will have to repeat the window cleaning routine again.

To take the stress out of the cleaning process you need to avail ABI CLEAN’S highly effective domestic cleaning services in Cairns. We clean everything with the utmost precision and care. Our cleaners only use the latest equipment, right tools, top-quality cleaning products, and high safety standards to deliver the best possible results.

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