5 Frequently Asked Questions About Window Cleaning Services In Cairns

1. Do you need special equipment for window cleaning services?

Window cleaning requires 99% labour and 1% equipment. Amazingly, if you purchase the right equipment, these cleaning tools can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. You can easily find most of the equipment in majority of the stores; however, it is recommended that you invest the most in cleaning detergents, as they does most of the cleaning.

2. Is cleaning with spray bottle sand rags the best option?

Using spray bottle and rags to clean windows is certainly a convenient and wide spread way of cleaning windows. However, it is certainly not the best methods to carry that out. This method of cleaning is particularly risky because most of the time it leaves some moisture behind. Under microscope, you can easily find that the glass is not smooth enough. How is that?

  • The rags usually starts getting wetter and wetter after each clean. This leads the wiped area to be left with different amounts of chemicals, minerals and moisture.
  • On low-light this may be seen visibly however, under direct sunlight, it might show signs of smears and streaks on the window.
  • The best option is to replace rags with squeegees. They have soft rubber edge ideal for squeegeeing out all the water evenly of the glass and leaving you with a uniform reflection.

3. Can I use any washing liquid to clean my window?

The quality and expertise of any window cleaning services can be decided on the type of cleaning agents they use. The main function of the window cleaning agents is to break down the dirt and grime that are present in the window surface so that the squeegee can easily glide through without any scratches or leftover residue. The right ones produce lesser foams and a smart squirt of chemicals is enough to get the job done. The normal dishwashing liquids and detergents does not effectively cuts through the grease and grimes and produces lots of foams in the solution.

4. What is the proper way to wet your window?

It is important to spread the cleaning solution thoroughly. However, you should be careful not to soak it. Too much moisture will make it hard for the squeegee to wipe out the liquid from the glass surface. Too less will offer too much friction to clean the window glasses and might leave your windows with scratches.

5. How to scrape the window properly?

Scarping is required when you need to remove stickers, paint, silicone, cement or other sticky items. Before scarping, it is important to wash the glass first. This is done to loosen the sticky item and scraping requires smooth and fluid surface. Scraping can be carried out through one direction.

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