Steam Cleaning Services in Cairns

Our Steam Cleaning services in Cairns is a system that rejuvenates your carpets removing the grimmest of dirt and germs from its fabric. We make use of advanced methods that make your carpet dry and ready soon after the cleaning.

Advanced multistep cleaning process preserves your carpet from any kind of damage like stretching or shrinking. The initial vacuum lifts up the dry dirt and soil and the steam removes the last bit of stain.

We make use of cleaning agents that are effective cleaners and at the same time do not harm animals or the environment. Your carpets emerge dry without the trace of any residual chemical in it.

Why should you choose our steam cleaning service?

Your carpets require a significant investment and you definitely want it to be protected for years to come. At Abi Clean, we steam clean your carpets and rugs maintaining the highest Australian standards using the most advanced products and equipment that are eco-friendly. We ensure that:

  • Services are carried out by qualified technicians
  • Successfully remove the hardest of stains and rejuvenate your carpet
  • Use the latest technology and methods
  • Leave your carpet 100% germs and allergen free
  • Carpet warranty support maintenance
  • Allergen free carpet

We offer highly efficient cleaning using active health guard solution to remove fungi and bacteria from your carpet. All the necessary precautions are taken to ensure that carpets do not shrink or stretch at the end result.